Trash Tiki - Raising a Glass to Sustainability and Zero Waste

Indulge in guilt-free libations made exclusively from non-alcoholic spirits

Nontails: Mocks can't touch this!

Crafting Guilt-Free Libations

At Trash Tiki, we believe in raising a glass to sustainability and zero waste. We've crafted a tantalizing array of nontails, exquisite mixed drinks made exclusively from non-alcoholic spirits. Indulge in our guilt-free libations, meticulously curated to delight your taste buds while minimizing environmental impact. Each sip tells a story of mindful craftsmanship, as we source ethically produced ingredients and embrace innovative techniques to create flavor profiles that rival their alcoholic counterparts and often even better. Join us on a journey of sustainability, one Nontail at a time, and toast to a greener, more vibrant future. Cheers to conscious imbibing!

green plant on white and purple floral ceramic pot
green plant on white and purple floral ceramic pot

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Our Sustainable Approach

At Nontails, we believe that eco-consciousness should extend beyond just the ingredients we use. That's why we've taken a holistic approach to sustainability, from the sourcing of our ingredients to the materials we use to prepare your conscious concoctions. Furthermore your nontails are created using only non-alcoholic spirits and ethically produced ingredients, minimizing our environmental impact without compromising on flavor. We at Trash Tiki make sure that our drinks and creations don't contribute to landfill waste. We're constantly striving to become more sustainable, because we believe that every little step counts. Join us in sipping responsibly and raising a glass to a greener, tastier future. Cheers to sustainable sipping!

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Our Creative Process

Our nontails are more than just a collection of flavors - they're a celebration of creativity and innovation. We're constantly experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to create unique flavor profiles that are both delicious and sustainable. We are passionate about our craft and are inspired by the ingredients we use, from foraging for wild herbs and botanicals to experimenting with mixology techniques, our creative process is as unique as the nontails we create. Each of our nontails tells a story of mindful craftsmanship and innovation, and we can't wait to share them with you.

About Trash Tiki

Welcome to Trash Tiki, the vibrant hub of sustainable mixology and zero waste non-alcoholic delights, we lovingly call 'NONTAILS '. At Trash Tiki, we're revolutionizing the cocktail scene by turning trash into liquid gold. Our dedicated volunteer team of mixologists salvages overlooked ingredients, repurposes kitchen scraps, and champions a zero waste approach. We embrace innovative techniques and creative alchemy to craft extraordinary libations that dance on your palate. Nontail elements are carefully chosen to minimize environmental impact. Join us on this exciting adventure as we shake, stir, and sip our way to a more sustainable future. Together, we can toast to a deliciously responsible revolution. Cheers to Trash Tiki!

Raise a glass to sustainability with Trash Tiki's Nontails

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